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Create the life you always wanted with your dog

Experienced Canine Behaviour Specialists

Sharing Modern Expertise With Dog Guardians

Would you like to be able to understand your dog?

Are you looking to change your dog's behaviour?

Would you like a deeper and stronger relationship with your dog?

We offer a unique blend of online dog training and personalised support that provides everything you need to create the partnership you've always dreamed of with your dog. 

"You gave me the tools I need to work with my boys - thank you, you are amazing at what you do." (Lynne & Cracker)

Support For You And Your Dog

Our programmes are designed for anyone who lives with a dog. You may have just adopted your first dog and want to find out how to give him or her the best possible new life, or have lived with dogs for years and just want to have fun learning new activities together. 

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Your First Dog

Learn the tools to help you and your new dog make the most of your life together. 

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Your New Puppy

Support for you and your young dog, throughout puppyhood and adolescence.

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Unwanted Behaviours

Gain more understanding of your dog, to create a better partnership together.

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Taking Their Perspective

For dogs, the world is made up of numerous smells, and a dog's umwelt or unique sensory world is determined by what he can perceive, his history/experiences and what matters in the world to him.


Exploring and understanding our dog's inner world means taking the dog's perspective. What is this dog experiencing from this event? What could this dog be seeing, smelling, and feeling at this moment? 


We can then ask ourselves what might be causing this dog to perform a certain behaviour. 

About Our Programmes

There is no such thing as a "quick" fix, yet this is often promised to dog guardians. Our supported programmes and resources are designed to help you and your dog make positive changes for long term solutions. They are science based and have a proven track record of working and improving the lives of dogs and their guardians. 

We offer various packages to provide the maximum support for you and your dog, including blended online programmes, webinars and practical in-person events. We also offer additional detailed support in the form of an e-book. Click the icons below to discover more about each of these.


Our course topics range from puppies to adolescence, adopting a rescue dog, helping with recall, relaxation, and unwanted behaviours including barking and lunging. Sign up for our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page to be notified about new dates and programmes.


Downloadable guides covering key subjects. 

Blended Courses

Our unique, interactive online programmes.

Face To Face

On site training in Ayrshire & Lincolnshire

Elizabeth & Dexter

"I  am certainly much more confident, understand his behaviour more and can anticipate his reactions before he does."

Janet & Bisto

"The way Dale explains behaviour from the dog's point of view is so unique and beneficial."

Norman & Gem

"The strategies used make complete sense and are straightforward to implement on a day to day basis."

About Us: Canine Behaviour Specialists

Without Worry Canine Education is run by Lisa Hird and Dale McLelland, certified INTODogs canine behaviour professionals with over 30 years combined experience of dog training. Both are passionate about helping dog guardians and their dogs to get the best out of their lives together, with the use of non-aversive, relationship based training methods.

Why Choose Without Worry Canine Education?

Science based training

Tailored to you and your dog

Positive, pain free based methods

Delivered by certified canine behaviour specialists

With proven long term results

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Adopting A Dog?

"As a rescue organisation, we ask prospective adopters to read an e-book and demonstrate their understanding...The "Adopting A Rescue Dog Without Worry" e-book is exactly what we were looking for." (GSD Welfare)


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