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Adopting A Puppy Without Worry
 A fun self-paced mini course to help you with your new puppy

Puppies can be a source of delight and so much fun. They also come with responsibilities and some challenges at times.

Our ebook mini course will help you set things up for success and help you through the puppy stages

"As a rescue, we ask prospective adopters to read an e-book and demonstrate understanding. This helps us in turn to understand their knowledge of dogs."(Debbie Hill, GSD Welfare Fund)

Adopting A Puppy Without Worry

Downloadable Training Guide


Our e-book mini course is a vital guide to adopting a puppy, with ideas for training your dog and building their confidence, plus support for addressing unwanted behaviours.

E-book mini course cost: Only £9.99 

Email us at to find out more.

Alternatively, click the button below to purchase and we will email your copy to you.

  • Chapter 1:      Preparing for your new puppy

  • Chapter 2:      The first night

  • Chapter 3:      The role of the guardian

  • Chapter 4:      Communication and body language

  • Chapter 5:      Children and dogs

  • Chapter 6:      Normal puppy behaviour

  • Chapter 7:      Good manners and social skills

  • Chapter 8:      The importance of play

  • Chapter 9:      The emotional life of dogs

  • Chapter 10:    Dog law

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