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Conversations with dogs

CPD course


We are very excited to announce the first of our CPD courses for professionals.


All of our CPD courses include free access to our bi monthly webinars/live discussions and our private Facebook group for the duration of the course.

Even if you think you understand and know everything about canine body language, this course will make you rethink and look at conversations with dogs in a whole new way.


This course is so much more than body language signs and behaviours. Conversations are two-way events rather than passive reading of body language and then responding.

Objective observation is essential when working or even living with dogs. We also need to be aware of the differences between objective and subjective observation, as well as the nuances of each. In cases where the dog is displaying an unwanted behaviour there is often ‘negative labelling’ which can lead to subjective observations of the dog. Even our own bias can influence or cloud our objectivity when observing behaviours.

The course will appeal to professionals already working with dogs in various capacities and to some dog guardians too and it is only £199 to enrol.

Successful learners will receive a certificate and the Without Worry Canine Education logo upon completion of the course.

  • Free access to bi monthly webinars/live discussions

  • Free access to a private study group

  • Certificate upon successful completion

  • Without Worry Canine Education logo

The course consists of six modules with real video footage to observe and coursework to complete. The course is tutored by two experienced canine behaviour practitioners who have worked with dogs for many years, keeping themselves up to date with new scientific findings through regular CPD.

Course completion: one year

CPD: 12 hours

Cost: £199


Module One Learning from humans           

Module Two The human factor      

Module Three The behaviour spectrum     

Module Four Factors affecting behaviour   

Module Five Posture and movement

Module 6 Emotions and the language of play  

Just use the PayPal button below to enrol. As soon as the office is open we will send you your course materials.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to purchase via bank transfer, just email us and we can arrange this.

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