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Enhanced Canine Behaviour and Management
Level 5

Linking theory to practice with
 in-person coaching and development sessions

This course is our level 5 Canine Behaviour Management with enhancements.

In addition to the comprehensive course material,  the online live sessions and private study groups you will have 8 hours of in-person practical sessions and an additional four hours of live online sessions discussing case studies along with access to monthly zoom sessions.

Practical sessions take place in Ayrshire, Scotland or Lincolnshire, England

For anyone wanting to work with dogs, this course will provide a good foundation. It is a Level 5 course which is pitched at a Foundation Degree level. You can compare course levels here.

You may be just starting to think about your education journey, have already undertaken several courses, be a dog trainer who wants to work with behaviour clients or even a dog guardian who would like to learn more.

It is self-paced and supported by tutors who are experienced and practising behaviour practitioners, You will have free access to monthly live webinars/discussions and a private study group for the duration of your course.

Each of the 11 modules has assignments to complete and send to your tutor for feedback. Modules 9 and 10 do not contain a teaching element.  Instead, they form the instruction manual for your video evidence and case studies. Modules 9 and 10 form the bulk of your marks for the course. 

Bonus content

  • 8 hours in person practical sessions

  • Four hours of live online sessions discussing case studies

Plus all the benefits of our Level 5 course


  • Free access to bi monthly webinars/live discussions

  • Free access to a private study group

  • Certificate upon successful completion

  • Without Worry Canine Education logo

The course consists of 11 modules with real video footage to observe and coursework to complete. The course is tutored by two experienced canine behaviour practitioners who have worked with dogs for many years, keeping themselves up to date with new scientific findings through regular CPD.


Course completion: 1 year

Study hours: approximately 250 hours 

Cost: £799

Module 1: Evolution and domestication

Module 2: Welfare and needs

Module 3: The internal influences

Module 4: Working with life stages

Module 5: Communication

Module 6: Rescue and rehoming

Module 7: How dogs learn

Module 8: Understanding and preventing aggressive behaviours

Module 9: Practical skills

Module 10: Case Studies

Module 11: Consulting and professional conduct

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Cost: £799.00. Just use the PayPal button below to enrol. As soon as the office is open we will send you your course materials.

We can also offer a payment plan:

£400.00 to enrol and  £400.00 after Module 6.

Please email us at

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