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Sensory Experience Activities 
CPD certificate course

Environmental enrichment is a term that can be used to describe how the environment of captive animals can be improved to benefit them. In many ways, our companion dogs have become captive animals.


Very often, when we think of enrichment, we immediately think of interactive food toys, and we are often encouraged to "ditch the bowl" and feed meals using puzzle feeders. But enrichment is not just about using food. 

Enrichment activities are amazing for dogs. When used correctly, they can boost optimism, confidence, and reduce stress. However, it's important to be cautious. We can't assume that the items they love during enrichment will automatically make other scary activities better. In fact, if we're not careful, we could accidentally create negative associations. So let's use enrichment wisely and improve the lives of dogs.


Enrichment exercises are only enriching if the dog deems them to be so. So how can we know whether the enrichment is enriching?


This course will appeal to professionals already working with dogs or thinking about working with dogs in various capacities and also to dog guardians wanting to use sensory experience activities with their own dogs.

All of our CPD courses include free access to our bi monthly webinars/live discussions and our private Facebook group for the duration of the course and it is only £149 to enrol.

  • Free access to bi monthly webinars/live discussions

  • Free access to a private study group

  • SEA coaching certificate

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The course consists of six modules with images, videos and coursework to complete. The course is tutored by two experienced canine behaviour practitioners who have worked with dogs for many years, keeping themselves up to date with new scientific findings through regular CPD.

Course completion: 1 year

CPD:12 hours

Cost: £149.00


Module 1 What is enrichment?

Module 2 Welfare

Module 3 Types of enrichment

Module 4 The kennel environment

Module 5 The home environment

Module 6 Play

Just use the PayPal button below to enrol. As soon as the office is open we will send you your course materials.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay via bank transfer, please get in touch via email and we can arrange this.

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