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Thank you for your interest in our guide to stress and anxiety in dogs.

Understanding your dog's body language means knowing, for example, when they are happy, tired or anxious, and being able to better anticipate the cause of many unwanted behaviours. Subscribe to our mailing list and download our self-check Canine Stress Test to learn more about the tell tale signs to look out for in your dog.

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Heather & Beano

Thank you for all your help and support. You have helped us to grow his confidence again and helped us to get our life back - definitely a "win win".

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Our programmes and resources cover a variety of specialist topics focusing on giving you the maximum support across the life of your dog. Click on the paw icons to discover more.

Why Without Worry Canine Education?

Scientific, research based training

Tailored to you and your dog

From accredited experts

With pain free based methods

For better long term results

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