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Dog training in the park

Walks Without Worry

Does your dog bark or lunge when walking on a lead?

Have you tried various methods to change their behaviour, and still finding walks difficult?

Antisocial behaviour also has potential to fall foul of The Dangerous Dogs Act. There is no one method or technique that will change your dog's behaviour. Instead, we can support you through a process that will help you to have more relaxing, sociable walks with your dog, without the anxiety of unwanted behaviours.  

Blended Support Programme

6 Week Online Programme For You And Your Dog


Our blended programme includes a combination of live sessions, personalised support and ongoing advice, tailored to you and your dog. Numbers are limited to ensure individual attention and feedback. We record all of the live sessions so it doesn't matter if you cannot attend all of the dates.



Taking details for our next programme

Cost: £120.00 for a six-week online blended programme.

Email us at to find out more or if you would prefer to purchase via bank transfer.

Alternatively, click the button below to book now.

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What Is Included
  • 6 x live online live one hour coaching sessions.

  • Support from two behaviour practitioners.

  • A private online group for discussions, questions and further observations.

  • Video analysis and feedback

  • ​Individual questions answered.

  • Focus on your own dog's behaviour.

  • Live sessions recorded for you to revisit.

  • Written training materials to keep.

Key benefits

Personalised feedback

Improved walks with your dog

Practical exercises to implement

Real life techniques to practice

Live coaching

Improved communication with your dog

Written materials to keep and revisit

Recordings to revisit

Week One - New beginnings. Walking equipment. Triggers.

Week Two - Identifying the patterns. What do WE do?

Week Three - Calm observations/expanding experiences

Week Four - Real life lead management skills and techniques

Week Five - Cognitive skills

Week Six - Putting it all together

Downloadable Training Guide


Our Walks Without Worry e-book is an ideal resource and guide to achieving walks without worry, helping you change your dog's behaviour from barking and lunging to more sociable interactions. 

E-book Cost: Only £20 

Email us at to find out more or if you would prefer to pay via a bank transfer.

Alternatively, click the button below to purchase and we will email your copy to you.

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  • Chapter 1:      The Dangerous Dogs Act

  • Chapter 2:      Triggers

  • Chapter 3:      Dog Walks 

  • Chapter 4:      Calm Observations

  • Chapter 5:      Management Techniques

  • Chapter 6:      Mental Stimulation

  • Chapter 7:      Cognitive Input

  • Chapter 8:      Taking It On The Road

Walks Without Worry E-book

Walks Without Worry Webinar

Our Walks Without Worry webinar, recorded live in March 2022, explains the process of changing a dog's behaviours of barking and lunging on walks. 

Cost: £10


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Fran & Tilly

You would have been very proud of Tilly today. I took her to the  park. She didn't bark or lunge once. The park was busy and there was football going on in the grounds next to it. We saw lots of children all different ages, footballs and bikes. There was some sort of croquet thing going on and they had music playing, only 4 dogs but I'm not sure she saw them. We got quite close to one but I didn't want to ruin what had been such a positive outing. She is now chilling in the garden.

More Course Topics

Our programmes and resources cover a variety of specialist topics focusing on giving you the maximum support across the life of your dog. Click on the paw icons to discover more.

Why Without Worry Canine Education?

Scientific, research based training

Tailored to you and your dog

From accredited experts

With pain free based methods

For better long term results

Get In Touch

We love to chat! Please CONTACT us if you have any queries, or would like to find out more about any of our learning resources. If you would like to be notified as we add more programme dates and course topics, please subscribe to our mailing list via the form on our HOME page.

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