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German Shepherd
Conversations With Dogs Without Worry

Deciphering canine body language is an important part of understanding our dog. Being able to identify even small signals helps us to better know what he is communicating.

Humans rely on the spoken word, but we do also respond to body language. Meantime, whilst our dogs can learn the meaning of some key words or phrases, their mastery of communicating via body language, gestures and signals is second to none in the animal kingdom. Communication between guardian and dog is two way. Our dogs have been proven to read us pretty well, however we can also learn how to identify, interpret and respond to the signals that they are giving.

How do our postural habits affect our dogs postural habits?

How does our training and training equipment affect our dogs physiology?

What role does pain play in communication?

This programme will help you understand your dog better and to begin questioning what you are seeing.

Blended Support Programmes

6-Week Online Programme For You And Your Dog


This six-week programme is designed to take you beyond basic body language, signs and signals, in a combination of written material and live sessions. We will help you increase your skills, to be able to identify the smallest movements that create the most obvious and overt movement and behaviour patterns.

When a dog's body is relaxed, they will be more relaxed emotionally.

In humans, when we feel stiff, sore, discomfort or pain it affects our mood and emotions. It is the same for our dogs.

We need to be aware of the differences between objective and subjective observation, as well as the nuances of each. In cases where the dog is displaying an unwanted behaviour there is often ‘negative labelling’ which can lead to subjective observations of the dog. Even our own bias can influence or cloud our objectivity when observing behaviours.


During the live weekly discussions, we will be observing videos, helping you to discover so much more about your dog and what he is communicating.

If you prefer to study by a self-paced course we also offer a CPD Conversations with Dogs course.


New dates will be announced soon


Cost: £120 for a six-week online blended programme. Numbers are limited to ensure individual attention and feedback.


Email us at to find out more.

You can enrol using the button below to purchase via PayPal. Alternatively, contact us and we can arrange a bank transfer/

Some feedback for the course

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What Is Included

6 x live online one hour zoom sessions.
Input and support from two behaviour practitioners.
A private online group for discussions and further observations.

Video analysis.

Feedback on videos shared with us.
​Individual questions answered.
Focus on your own dog's behaviour.

Identify your dog's preferences, likes and dislikes.
Live sessions recorded for you to revisit.
Written training materials to keep.

Dog training

Downloadable Training Guide


An illustrated 60 page e-book with eleven chapters written especially for dog guardians to learn more about how dogs communicate with us and other dogs. A fabulous guide to building a relationship you never thought you could have with your canine companion. 

E-book Cost: Only £9.99

Contact us at to find out more.

Our Canine Body Language & Communication e-book is now available in Kindle format. You can buy your copy here -  e-book

Alternatively, click the button below to purchase and we will email your PDF copy to you.

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Canine Body Language & Communication

More Course Topics

Our programmes and resources cover a variety of specialist topics focusing on giving you the maximum support across the life of your dog. Click on the paw icons to discover more.

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Conversations With
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FREE Video Download: Why Do Dogs Roll Onto Their Backs?

In this short video presentation Dale discusses the differences in dogs when they do roll over and what these differences might mean. Click the link to listen! 

Why Without Worry Canine Education?

Scientific, research based training

Tailored to you and your dog

From accredited experts

With pain free based methods

For better long term results

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