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German Shepherd
Conversations With Dogs Without Worry

Deciphering canine body language is an important part of understanding our dog. Being able to identify even small signals helps us to better know what they are communicating.

Our connection with dogs goes beyond words - it's all about body language and signals! They understand us, and we can learn to understand them too. It's an amazing two-way street of communication that brings us even closer to our dogs.

Our postural habits can influence our dogs because they often mimic our body language and pick up on our emotions and motivations. Training methods and training tools and equipment can affect our dog's physiology by impacting their movement and muscle development. Pain can significantly affect communication, as it can alter their behaviour and body language. It's crucial to be aware and attentive to these factors in our interactions with our dogs.

This programme will totally transform the way you understand and interact with dogs! You'll learn to pick up on their subtle body language cues and understand their emotions better. Get ready to take your communication with your canine companion to a whole new level! Let's do this!

Blended Support Programmes

6-Week Online Programme For You And Your Dog


This six-week programme is designed to take you beyond basic body language, signs and signals, in a combination of written material and live sessions. We will help you increase your skills, to be able to identify the smallest movements that create the most obvious and overt movement and behaviour patterns.

When a dog's body is relaxed, they will be more relaxed emotionally.

In humans, when we feel stiff, sore, discomfort or pain it affects our mood and emotions. It is the same for our dogs.

Understanding the difference between objective and subjective observation is crucial when working with dogs. It's important to recognise our own biases and avoid negative labeling to ensure we're accurately assessing their behaviour. Let's strive for clear, objective observations to better understand and support our dogs!


During the live weekly discussions, we will be observing videos, helping you to discover so much more about your dog and what they are communicating.

If you prefer to study by a self-paced course we also offer a CPD Conversations with Dogs course.


New dates will be announced soon


Cost: £120 for a six-week online blended programme. Numbers are limited to ensure individual attention and feedback.


Email us at to find out more.

You can enrol using the button below to purchase via PayPal. Alternatively, contact us and we can arrange a bank transfer/

Some feedback for the course

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What Is Included

6 x live online one hour zoom sessions.
Input and support from two behaviour practitioners.
A private online group for discussions and further observations.

Video analysis.

Feedback on videos shared with us.
​Individual questions answered.
Focus on your own dog's behaviour.

Identify your dog's preferences, likes and dislikes.
Live sessions recorded for you to revisit.
Written training materials to keep.

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