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Sleeping Dogs

Help for Separation Anxiety and related problems

A self-paced programme for you and your dog 

Separation Anxiety and related behaviours (SRB) occur when a dog is left alone. In many cases, the behaviour is a result of panic and distress. Research suggests that eight out of 10 dogs struggle to cope when left alone.


Separation Anxiety in dogs is a common issue, but there are ways to help prevent it! It's so important to rule out any health issues with your vet before working through a training plan with your dog. Let's tackle this together and help our canine companion feel more secure when you are not around!


Working out why your dog finds being alone difficult to cope with can be difficult. This mini-course explains simple steps to prevent separation anxiety from occurring and provides a training plan to work through with your dog.

What's included?

  • A self-paced training plan

  • Written training materials to keep

  • 4 recorded sessions to guide you

  • Revisit the recorded sessions whenever you wish

  • Opportunity for a discounted individual session with an experienced behaviourist, either using Zoom or in person.


Cost: £50.00

Sign up: Email us at to find out more or to purchase via bank transfer.

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