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An Owners Guide to Veterinary Visits and more
Without Worry


Wet Kiss

Does your dog struggle going to the vets? Do you dread having to make an appointment or find general husbandry difficult such as nail trims or grooming, physical examinations or using the weighing scales? This course is for you. Six chapters packed full of information, some questions for you to consider about your own dog and simple to follow training plans to help your dog feel more comfortable.

Owners Guide to Veterinary Visits Without Worry

Downloadable Training Guide


Our e-book is a vital resource to helping reduce stress around vet visits or grooming/husbandry. At the end of each chapter there is a question to answer that can be submitted to us to give some feedback on to help you structure training for your own dog.

Cost: Only £19.99 introductory price 

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Chapter 1: A mindful approach
Chapter 2: Coercion or empowerment?
Chapter 3: Calm and consent
Chapter 4: Practical preparation
Chapter 5: Identifying signs of stress
Chapter 6: Training resources for you and your dog  
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